Check Point Pioneers Zero Second Prevention With Industry’s Fastest Malware Response Rate


Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced that Check Point ThreatCloud technology beat out major competitors in a recent benchmark testing of malware attacks on corporate networks.

In today’s network environments, unknown malware infections have the potential to spread quickly. Response times to detection and prevention of malware has moved from days to mere seconds. To that end, Check Point has introduced the Zero Second Protection Test, to assess the response rate of security solutions to a potential malware infection via a compromised email. The test demonstrated the strength of Check Point’s solution, not allowing the malware even a second on the network.

In the Zero Second Protection Test Report, Check Point analysts built and tested the speed at which security solutions from Check Point and three other competitors recognized, responded, and protected against known malware. Of the four products tested, Check Point ThreatCloud identified malware in four minutes, blocked malware in zero minutes, and malware spent zero seconds on the network. This outperformed the three other solutions, who took a total average of over 11 minutes to identify malware. Additionally, the lowest two performing products had an average malware block rate and time malware spent on the network of over one hour.

The Zero Second Protection Test results are shown in the table below:

Zero Second Prevention

*Unknown 300 Test Report can be found here.

“Malware can do immeasurable harm to an organization over the course of 60 seconds. As security threats multiply exponentially, what happens if the speed of malware overtakes the speed of business?” said Marie Hattar, chief marketing officer at Check Point Software Technologies. “Every second counts when it comes to protecting your organization against malware. Our Zero Second Test highlights Check Point’s non-compromise between security and speed, offering the industry’s fastest protection and performance to our worldwide customers and partners.”

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